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we are an award-winning interactive media development studio that takes on creative, innovative projects to ultimately deliver great interactive experiences to the world. let’s see what we can do for you!

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new age in education

having developed a large variety of games to educate students as well as professionals in various subjects, we believe that games are the most efficient method of teaching. We can transform any teaching material into an engaging educational experience tailor-made for you.

  • virtual reality training simulations
  • gamified applications
  • educational games
  • corporate training platforms

new markets

together we can take advantage of interactive advertising to reach out to consumers in entirely new ways. If you still aren’t sure whether it’s worth going for, we will walk you through what augmented and virtual reality advertising can do for you and your clients.

  • interactive promotional material
  • virtual reality ads
  • augmented reality ads
  • promotional video games
  • 3d product visualizations

old institutions new media

we are firm believers that interactive media can radically enhance the way we experience archeological sites, monuments and museums. We routinely seek opportunities to share our experience and know-how with cultural institutions but also with artistic communities around us.

  • archaeological site visualizations
  • virtual tours
  • virtual reality museums
  • augmented reality exhibitions
  • digital art installations

play is the highest form of research

our team was brought together by our passion for video games. We continue making that passion a reality by creating challenging, original games for everyone to enjoy.

  • game design and development
  • 2d and 3d art
  • virtual reality games development
  • augmented reality games development
  • mobile games development

who are we?

we are a small but versatile team of individuals from all over greece that joined forces in patras to express their creativity.

  • vasileios karavasilis, managing director / co-founder
  • kostas koukoudis, audio visual artist / co-founder
  • konstantinos mourelas, art director
  • panagiotis sakaridis, lead programmer

we are pretty active ;)

we have worked with clients from all over Europe and the US to create interesting products that suit their needs. We have currently completed around 50 projects for over 30 clients and have participated in more than 20 exhibitions and conventions. We've also been recognized in 8 competitions and are reguraly invited to give talks and teach workshops on video game development and interactive media.

we have currently completed around 50 projects for over 30 clients. We've also been recognized in 8 competitions and are reguraly invited to give talks on game development and interactive media.

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